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About Sugarbase



Hi, thanks for visiting my website!


I feel like it goes without saying but I’m the ‘Sana’ behind Sugarbase by Sana Sodawala. I'm 26, based in Manchester UK and I’ve been baking for 6 years now - I love experimenting with creative new cakes, quirky biscuit designs, and everything in between 


My wonderful Mama Sugarbase is my funky assistant (also a very useful 'tidy-upper') but otherwise I’m the independent creator behind all the fun things you see on my Instagram @sugarbase_ 


Going forwards, I'm super excited to bring a bunch of fun new ranges to you - bakes and cakes of course, but now I'll also be teaching classes and making useful products, which I hope you'll love!


Thank you for all the the constant love and support, I genuinely appreciate each and every one of you as it isn’t easy running a solo business, but I love doing what I do and you guys are what keeps me going 


So thank you for following this little journey of mine, I hope you’re as excited as me to see what the future holds!

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