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 Personal-Baker Mentoring Session 


Are you a small business owner or looking to start your own business with lots of unanswered questions, or don’t know where to start? Well I’m here to help!


I started Sugarbase when I was 19 and have over 8 years of experience running my small business - this has included a lot of ups and downs but I have learnt SO much along the way, and I would love to help you with this mentoring session.

This PB session (short for Personal-Baker) will be a one-on-one, hour long online video chat, so absolutely anyone is welcome! Whether you’re a baker or small business owner with lots of questions, for one hour my experience and knowledge is YOURS.


Although this session will not include any physical baking demonstrations, you can ask me absolutely anything you like and I’ll be happy to cover the topics in depth - whether its about baking, business, social media or working from home, I’ll be an open book! I’ll also be more than happy to show you tools and supplies that I use.

Some examples of topics we can cover:


- How to start a small business

- Instagram growth

- How to market your work

- Content creating (filming + editing)

- Pricing and profiting off your work

- Where to purchase supplies

- Tools + equipment for baking

- Tips on royal icing, biscuits, cakes or buttercream



How long is one session? 


The PB session will last for 1 hour, after the session I will send an email with a brief of all the topics we discussed, as well as any products (with links) we talked about - I'lI also be doing a 1 month check-in and I'm always around my emails or DM's for help in the future too!

How do I book?


If you’d like to join me on a Personal-Baker session, you can purchase a ticket below and I’ll be in touch via email, then we can organise a date and time that suits us both. There is no expiry date on your ticket once you've secured your booking!


Prior to our session I will have a look through your socials/website and ask you to email me with topics you'd like to cover so I can be as prepared as possible and get to know a little bit about you.



A little bit about me:


I originally started baking as a hobby but started Sugarbase when I was 19, choosing to pursue it as a full-time career instead of going to university when I was 20. Over the next 4 years I only took on custom orders which meant I was working around the clock, I also took a Level 2 Patisserie Course and at one point worked in a professional pastry kitchen when I felt like I wanted a career change - that didn't last long though!

I built my Instagram following up from a few dozen to 100k and now have over 200k amazing followers! For 4 years now I haven't taken on custom orders but have scaled my business up to work in a way where I can work fewer hours whilst earning 3x the profit I used to, I now also teach masterclasses and am working on multiple new exciting projects to expand my business more.




I can't wait to meet you all  (virtually) - I already love to share things on Instagram so I'm super excited to be able to have have in depth conversation with you!

Sana x


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