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Biscuit Masterclasses

Introducing Sugarbase Biscuit Decorating Classes:


If you've always wanted to be taught how to decorate one of the many biscuits you see on my Instagram feed, hands-on and in person, now is your chance! Join me in Epsom, Surrey for an exclusive 1:1 or small group class where I'll share with you the tips, tricks, and skills I've acquired over the past 8 years.

At Sugarbase I specialise in the art of decorating iced shortbread biscuits with royal icing. With a wealth of experience and a passion for the craft, I’ve turned my love for baking into an opportunity to teach others. Whether you're an absolute beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, my classes are designed to cater to all levels of expertise!

There are a few different classes you can choose from to suit your preference and level of interest, each designed to provide you with a unique and comprehensive learning experience:

  • Decorating Only Class (3-4 hours):

In this shorter class we’ll dive straight into the world of decorating. I'll provide all the icing and biscuits you need, and together we'll bring your chosen designs to life. These classes are perfect for those who want a focused session on decorating techniques, or just want to have a little fun and can also be run as a small group class!

  • Icing Masterclass (6 hours):

For those seeking a more comprehensive experience, this icing masterclass is ideal for those who want to learn how to make royal icing from scratch. We’ll explore all the different consistencies, colour mixing, and learn advanced techniques to achieve stunning designs on your biscuits.

  • Biscuit and Icing Masterclass (8 hours):

If you're looking to take your skills to the next level, this A-Z biscuit and icing masterclass is the ultimate opportunity. In this intensive session, we'll start from scratch, quite literally! You'll learn how to make the perfect shortbread biscuits, prepare royal icing, and then dive into the intricate world of decorating. From detailed patterns and elaborate designs, to fun techniques like marbling and stencilling, you'll have the chance to create biscuit masterpieces under my guidance.

By attending a Sugarbase biscuit decorating class, you'll not only acquire valuable skills but also gain the confidence to unleash your creativity! Each class includes refreshments and I'll provide you with all the tools, knowledge, and encouragement you need to become a confident decorator, so you just need to bring yourself! You’ll also take home your beautifully decorated biscuits plus a fun-filled Sugarbase goody bag.


At Sugarbase, I believe in customising and tailoring classes to your interests and goals which means prices are flexible and adjust according to the duration and level of customisation you desire. So whether you have a specific design in mind, want to explore a particular technique, or simply want to learn the basics, I’m here to make it happen! 

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from a passionate professional - click the link below or reach out to me directly via Instagram @sugarbase_ to enquire about prices and book your 1:1 biscuit decorating class in Epsom!

Sana x

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