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Sugarbase Cake Decorating Classes


After years of requests, Sugarbase cake decorating classes are finally here!


If you've always wanted to be taught how to decorate one of the many cakes you see on my IG feed, hands-on and in person, you can now attend a 1:1 cake class in Epsom, Surrey where I'll teach you the tips, tricks and skills I've picked up over the years!


Who are these classes aimed at?



Anyone is free to join! Whether you're a beginner with an interest in cake decorating, or you run your own business and want to improve your skills, I'll be teaching you what YOU would like to learn using techniques used by myself in my work.



What will I be learning?


These classes will be focused on the cake assembly and decorating only, so you will learn how to:

- neatly level cake layers

 - stack and fill a tall 6" cake

- crumb coat

- make any decorations for your chosen design

- successfully decorate and finish the cake

The cake and buttercream will be made prior to your class. However, you will each receive an email after the class with a full list of recipes and tools we used, including links!


For those that are unsure of what sort of cake they would like to learn to decorate, I've created four set designs you can choose from or use for inspiration - checkout the galleries to have a browse! But I don't want to limit your learning experience to these set cakes, so you can completely customise your own design based on what you may have seen me previously make.

Everyone is so unique in their work which is why I want to make each class completely tailored to the student, and this way you can gain the most from your lesson!


Prices and Times


Classes will range between £200-£350 based on the design chosen. They will be priced according to how many techniques and elements are involved and will usually run between 2-5 hours.


Once you have emailed me with your preferred cake style then they will be priced accordingly and I'll get back to you with a quote and dates and times that are available. 

How do I book?


To book your 1:1 cake decorating class, follow the 'get in touch' link at the bottom of the page and send me an email with any pictures and descriptions of the cake you would like to learn to decorate!


I can't wait to meet  you all - I already love to share things on Instagram so I'm super excited to finally teach some of you hands on!

I hope to see you soon! 

Sana x

*1:1 classes are based in Epsom Surrey, set designs are not limited to colours or small details



Buttercream flowers, a chocolate crown and metallic drip - this cake is great for perfecting multiple techniques.


Learn how to create neat stripes, pipe swirls and apply sprinkles with this fun number.


This darker themed cake includes chocolate shards, gold drips and gold leaf for that added pop - would work well in all colours!


Textured buttercream and beautiful swirly borders are the techniques behind this abstract cake - simple yet effective.





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